December 24, 2015: Radio people are family

Radio people are family

Journal entry by Felicia Friesema

About a year ago, Steve created a closed Facebook group called All About ME (ME stands for Morning Edition) where Morning Edition radio hosts from across the country could freely share the joys, challenges, and stories of their specialized kind of work.  These are the people of predawn.  They wake at what most (and even they) would consider ungodly hours.  They write copy faster than a speeding bullet and correct grammar even faster.  And ultimately, they deliver news and information with crisp public radio professionalism and gobs of compassion for the communities they serve.

These are the people that wake up the nation.  This is Steve’s special tribe.  And never was that more apparent than this morning when I watched a video they created especially for him.

I’ll let the video speak for itself.  Although I will say to get out the tissues.  This one is just…I really have no words.  From both of us gratitude flows like a swollen river.  We can’t contain it, so we share it.

These are some of the best people on the planet.  This of all things should make you become member of your local public radio station.  

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