Why the fuck am I doing this?

Because in dying, Steve Julian taught me the most important lessons about how to live.  My husband, the unintended guru of how to die right.  And me, the unintended death sherpa who worked her ass off to make sure he could die right.  I documented most of it online in a blog that ended up becoming a makeshift manual for how to navigate through horror and stay open to beauty.

And now he’s gone.  And the work continues.

2 thoughts on “Why the fuck am I doing this?

  1. You have spoken about “the book”. May I suggest that the market for dying and grief books is a but full right now. Your notes are unbeatable, but may I offer (boy am I being humble his morning) that you start with your past, even before Steve, and skew into the final journey. The genre might be more open. And you’re interesting on your own, not just as the sherpa. Love (as you know) …

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